Posture Now Reviews – See What Others Think

How many times were you told to ‘sit up straight’ or ‘don’t slouch’ when you were a child (and how many times have you said it to your kids recently?). The reason behind these and similar sayings is that your posture really is important. In this article we will consider some posture now reviews. Posture now is one of the more popular posture correctors on the market.

Let us first consider why your posture is so important. Posture is the body’s alignment, and positioning in respect of the ever-present force of gravity. Good posture means you are distributing the force of gravity through your body so no one structure is overstressed. When talking about good posture it really is as important as eating healthily. A good posture will allow you to do things with more energy and less stress.

Sign of The Times

It is a fact of life that since the advent of the computer, and with the ever increasing mobile devices now available many of us are spending between 10 and 15 hours a day in poor posture.

When looking at reviews of this product it is interesting to note that many compare the older, more traditional posture brace against this product, and it has to be said posture now wins hands down. Why? The traditional posture corrective braces actually do all of the work for you by pulling your shoulders back while putting your body into correct alignment.

Problems Overcome

The problem with this is that it can actually weaken your back muscles and make your posture worse over time. Whereas posture now’s innovative way to improve your posture is comfortable neoprene arm bands that are coupled with a flexible elastic strap across the back.

This allows you to wear the product easily inside or outside of your clothes. It helps you hold your shoulders back, and provide tension when you start to slouch. The big difference is that it is your back muscles, and not the device itself that keep you in correct posture. Over time you become stronger and your posture improves, meaning you will need to use the product less and less. This is because you will have a naturally better posture, and a stronger upper back.

When looking at the many reviews available it is obvious that this product is receiving a lot of attention. From such reviews we can see that the product not only improves your posture and your back health, but decreases back pain. Apparently it also makes you look thinner, healthier and sexier, makes you look and feel younger, makes you look taller and more attractive, and finally; makes you look and feel more confident.

Bold claims indeed! However it cannot be denied that posture now reviews are very positive in relation to the product and its benefits. Indeed, it has received wide media attention which has been positive. As the company offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the product (less shipping and handling costs) if you are looking to improve your posture and general well-being this product is definitely worth considering.

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